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  • May 30 2024
  • Abagail Frederick

Call Me Bougie

Look, I won’t lie. There is no part of me that wants to have an all-out face routine. Truth be told, I have literally only used water up until this year, and mostly still only use water- no cleanser, no moisturizer, and certainly no serums. Am I opposed to them? No. I just can’t bring myself to be consistent.

But as I near age 30 (which contrary to many I am actually looking forward to), I have begun to notice the need to pamper my face. I haven’t gone crazy, but I have indulged in a few pleasures. I was gifted a fancy shmancy moisturizer for Christmas, and I can’t say I don’t love it. Do I use it daily? Not a chance, but definitely more than I ever thought. There is one thing I have started doing weekly that is pretty much nonnegotiable at this point because it makes me and my skin look and feel bougie.

I have entered my face mask era.

I’m not just an “any old face mask” girly, though. I wouldn’t claim I am truly bougie overall but with some things, I rather go the extra mile and this is one. 

I’ll spare you the subpar list of masks I’ve tried and cut right to the chase–my all time favorite is the Rose Face Mask by Anima Mundi. 

“This high-vibrational blend of antioxidant-rich flowers and fruits can help tighten, tone, and detoxify the skin.*”

They ain’t lyin'. 

I typically mix 1 teaspoon of the mask powder with one or two teaspoons filtered water (depends on my mood, really), and once I layer it onto my face I let it sit for 20-30 minutes. I never really understood how a bald man’s head could look so buff, but at this point I am thinking they have to be using this mask up there. It’s that good. We could call it nature’s botox.

It’s also plant based, no harsh chemicals, won’t cause me any puffiness, and my body won’t have trouble processing what seeps beyond my pores. It’s a bougie and guiltless treat at the end of a long day. 

I am ALWAYS down for being pampered, and the fact that I have been consistent with this goodie tells me it’s the clear winner.

Have you tried this face mask? Any other brands I should look into? Let’s be bougie together–no gatekeeping!


And if you truly want to be fancy, this face mask kit makes mixing and applying the mask a breeze!

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